28 MayIs He into Me? Signs…. How can I Tell?

Is he into me?” Without a doubt, you have already asked yourself this question over and over again. Unless you know how to read another person’s mind, it will be impossible for you to be a hundred percent sure when it comes to answering this question. After all, different people tend to show signs of being into another person in different ways.

Some guys tend to be overly touchy feely, which causes girls to think that they are interested, while others will practice certain level of detachment even though they already like the girl too much.


If you have grappled with this question in the past, then go through the following points and use them to gauge whether a guy likes you or not. With the following pointers, you should be able to measure a guy’s level of interest down to a T.


The next time that you find yourself floundering with the “Is he into me?” question, you should try to see if the guy that you are thinking about spends a great amount of time with you.

-Does he always seem to show up where you are?

-Even better, does he make the effort to talk to you and interact with you every time that you meet up “accidentally”?

If you have come to notice that a certain guy is making an effort to be with you all the time, then there is a great chance that he is interested in you.


If you are interested in him too, it should be very easy to start a relationship with him and make your hanging out together more official.

If you catch him staring at you, only to avert his gaze once he sees you looking back, then you may have something on your face or he may simply like looking at you.

-Bring out a mirror and see if there is something wrong or weird with your appearance.

-If you find that everything is in order, then there is no doubt that the guy that you caught looking at you is interested in getting to know you better.

-The next time that you catch him staring, throw a little smile his way. Make him know that you saw her admiring you, and give him a sign that you appreciate the attention that he is giving you.
Another thing that you may do to finally settle the “Is he into me?” question is to talk to the guy and gauge the way that he moves and interacts with you.

-You may also want to compare the way that he treats you with the way that he treats the rest of his girl friends.

-If you notice that he is more interested in talking to you than with others, then that’s a good sign.

Keep your eyes peeled for the non-verbal cues that he sends your way as well, for they will be very telling of his intent. You will feel it if he is into you, believe it or not, at which point you may decide whether you are interested in him as well.

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